Per Diem Rates for 2015
US General Services Administration has established per diem rates for 2015. Click here for details.
Stars of the Industry Awards Nominations
The call for Stars of the Industry and Garner B. Hanson Hotelier of the Year award nominations is out and we are looking for your input. Is there someone in your organization you would like to nominate for one of these awards? In addition to the Garner B. Hanson Hotelier of the Year Award, we are seeking stars of the industry in the following categories: Maintenance, Housekeeping, Front Desk and Food & Beverage. Click for details. Application

President's Message
By Dan Fay

As we approach the Labor Day Weekend, I hope that you had an enjoyable and prosperous summer.  The industry metrics seem to indicate things are going well, and I hope this is the experience in your property.

We previously announced we were scheduling Association meetings with Legislatures around the state. In Northern Kentucky, we recently completed two meetings with Sen. Christian McDaniel and Rep. Dennis Keene, in separate meetings. The meetings were fantastic.It gave us the opportunity to discuss the lodging industry and the economic impact that we have in the Commonwealth. I think both legislators really learned a lot about our industry.

In addition to the economic powerhouse that the lodging industry is, we were also able to discuss issues from the past legislative session that impacted our industry. I think that we came out of these meetings with everyone having a greater understanding of our industry and hopefully the ability to work through any issues that may arise in the future. The point we made was that we were looking to our legislatures for an open ear and good government. Rep. Keens stated that is not too much to ask.

On another front, before the next session begins, we will be looking at possible minimum wage increases and/or tip credit issues. It is interesting to note that in the July Issue of Hotel Management, John O’Neill, Director of the School of Hospitality at Penn State, released a study that these types of wage increases are very detrimental to the hospitality industry and the people they employee. He made the point, "No industry embodies the American dream like the lodging industry.  Employees in this industry can work their way up from any position, and they have been able to enjoy their success because of the flexibility their employers have made in setting wages and benefits”. It is an interesting statement, which I think is very true. In our legislative meetings, Sen. McDaniel made the point that in today’s economic environment, if an employee accepts an entry level position, comes to work, and makes a diligent effort, that they can be in charge of something in six (6) months. Interesting point, and also very true.

I hope you are making plans to attend the Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 19th in Lexington.  Plans are coming along well and it should shape up to be another good meeting.  I look forward being in communication soon.

Member News
Corvette Caravan in Bowling Green, Hatfields and McCoys in Pikeville and more. Details.

Our Mission

The mission of the Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association is to be the voice of the lodging industry, providing representation at the state level in governmental affairs, education, communications, diversity and value-added services.

Economic Impact of Hotels

The hotel industry facilitates commerce in the statewide economy and its economic impact is quite significant. Consider the following: Panel content
* There are more than 500 hotels in state representing more than 55,000 rooms
* The hotel industry in KY employs almost 17,000 people* Hotels represent an economic impact to the state of more than $2.5B annually
* Hotels in KY generate more than $1.4B in revenue
* The hotel industry in the state generates a payroll of more than $490M
* Almost $300M in various taxes are generated by the hotel industry in Kentucky
* The real estate value of hotels in the state is $4.6B
* The hotel industry is part of the broader tourism and travel industry, which contributed over $12B to the state’s economy in 2012.