KH&LA Annual Meeting
The KH&LA annual meeting is being held November 18th at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. It is a one-day, information-rich educational program that includes the annual Stars of the Industry luncheon and Garner B. Hanson Hotelier of the Year Award. Click here for complete details.
GSA Rates for 2016
The General Services Administration in Washington, DC announced the released federal per diem rates for FY 2016. These rates will go into effect on Oct. 1, 2015. The federal government is also changing the policy for the standard continental United States (CONUS) rate. It will now be reviewed every year, rather than every three years. For FY 2016, the lodging rate for CONUS is increasing to $89 per night, from the previous rate of $83.

KH&LA Offers New Member Benefit for Hoteliers
KH&LA has partnered with a company that offers an online survey tool for hoteliers' and we are offering the service to our hotelier members for FREE.

Lobbylights is the premier wage and employee benefits survey tool for the hotel industry. Lobbylights compiles the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on employee wages as well as key employment information for hotel property managers. With Lobbylights, you can compare:
·         The wages you pay to other hotels within your specific region.
·         The types of insurance and amount of coverage you provide compared to other hotels.
·         The way other properties comply with the Affordable Care Act.
·         The different perks properties offer their employees.
·         The methods through which other hotels screen employees.

For more information, contact us at
2015 Annual Meeting - Sponsorship Opportunities
The 2015 Annual Meeting is scheduled for November 18 at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Sponsorship opportunities are now available for the one-day event. Click here for complete details

KY Tourism Economic Impact is UP
The economic impact of tourism in Kentucky amounted to nearly $13.1 billion in 2014. The figure is a 4.4 percent increase from 2013. The annual survey also showed that tourism supported 179,963 jobs in Kentucky in 2014 - an increase of 4,217 jobs from the previous year. These jobs generated more than $2.9 billion in wages for Kentucky workers, an increase of nearly $123 million from the previous year.  

Tourism generated $1.37 billion in tax revenues for local and state governments in 2014, an increase from $1.31 billion in 2013.  The report was produced by Certec Inc., of Versailles.  For more details about the economic impact study, including county-level expenditures, visit and look under recent reports.
KH&LA Leads Charge on 1% Room Tax
KH&LA is working with a coalition of industry organizations to have the state's Tourism Marketing Incentive Program funds reinstated. Read the full position statement here.

Minimum Wage Ordinance Opposition
KH&LA has joined with almost 20 other organizations in opposition to Louisville's proposed minimum wage increase. For complete details concerning the issue and the groups involved, click here.

President's Message
By Dan Fay

 Dear Members:

2015 continues to be a great year, for the hotel industry.  Across the country and in Kentucky, we are seeing record RevPar increases.  By all accounts, occupancy is has just about reached its maximum, so there should be significant rate increases next year.

The national numbers on supply are somewhat modest, but we are seeing a lot of room additions in some markets.  This will serve to reduce the occupancy numbers that we are enjoying, but we should be operating at a better rate, and hopefully continue to see RevPar growth.

A lot of the KHLA's activity has been centered around government affairs in Frankfort.  This past year; however, we have seen several threats throughout the state.  

*    Louisville passed a minimum wage bill, which is being contested in Court.

*    Lexington considered a city wide minimum wage, and at least for the time being, this has been tabled.  

*    The Governor signed an Executive Order mandating a $10.10 minimum  wage for those with state contracts.  We are working to obtain an interpretation of that Order.  We are told it does not affect hotels, who host periodic meetings, but we are trying to get specifics so there is not a wage & hour problem in the future.

*    The City of Louisville drafted a Nuisance Ordinance directed toward hotels. The proposed ordinance could have serious consequences for hotels.  After a few complaints, the proposed legislation calls for cancelling Certificates of Occupancy, Business Licenses, and shutting off utilities.  As you know, that would lead to default on mortgages, franchise agreements, and create multi-million dollar problems.

Through our lobbyist and the Greater Louisville Lodging Association, we were able to weigh in on this matter.  For the time being it has been tabled. We should have input into any future proposal.

I am making you aware of these matters, because it seems that it is more important than ever that hoteliers stand together and have a united front against these many actions.  They can seriously injure our industry.  
I hope you will consider inviting your friends and other key owners and operators to become KHLA members. We are living in dangerous times, and need to stand together.


Our Mission

The mission of the Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association is to be the voice of the lodging industry, providing representation at the state level in governmental affairs, education, communications, diversity and value-added services.
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Economic Impact of Hotels

The hotel industry facilitates commerce in the statewide economy and its economic impact is quite significant. Consider the following: Panel content
* There are more than 500 hotels in state representing more than 55,000 rooms
* The hotel industry in KY employs almost 17,000 people* Hotels represent an economic impact to the state of more than $2.5B annually
* Hotels in KY generate more than $1.4B in revenue
* The hotel industry in the state generates a payroll of more than $490M
* Almost $300M in various taxes are generated by the hotel industry in Kentucky
* The real estate value of hotels in the state is $4.6B
* The hotel industry is part of the broader tourism and travel industry, which contributed over $12B to the state’s economy in 2012.