KH&LA Mission

The Mission of the Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association is to be the voice of the lodging industry, providing representation at the state level in governmental affairs, education, communications, diversity and value-added services.

KH&LA provides a communication network, and sponsors meetings/educational sessions throughout the state. These topics are usually of current interest to our members. Our gatherings also serve the important role of networking and developing personal relationships with other professionals.

The organization actively follows legislative issues, which may affect our members. We proactively champion issues, as well as defend our interests. In this role, we frequently find ourselves in the role of testifying for the industry and protecting free enterprise.


Economic Impact of Hotels

The hotel industry facilitates commerce in the statewide economy and its economic impact is quite significant. Consider the following:

  • There are more than 1200 hotels in state representing more than 55,000 rooms
  • The hotel industry in KY employs almost 17,000 people* Hotels represent an economic impact to the state of more than $2.5B annually
  • Hotels in KY generate more than $1.4B in revenue
  • The hotel industry in the state generates a payroll of more than $490M
  • The real estate value of hotels in the state is $4.6B
  • The hotel industry is part of the broader tourism and travel industry, which contributed almost $14B to the state’s economy in 2015.